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As all of us were, I was sickened and saddened by the recent revelations of privilege-enabled fraud in admissions at elite colleges and universities. Writers and thinkers much smarter than me have offered insights deeper than I can offer. As an independent college counselor, though, I’m committed to being part of the solution.


Craig College Counseling is not a marketing firm. If you're a family looking for a promise of admission to your favorite Ivy League (or even Patirot League) school, you may want to look elsewhere.  If, though, students are truly invested in discovering and connecting with colleges, regardless of ranking, that are closely aligned with their passions, interests, and goals, we’re all in.


The services of Craig College Counseling are not free. But we’re deeply committed to a fee scale that is affordable to all families who believe they can benefit from our services. And we’re also deeply committed to the belief that you should need our services only once. As such, we’re working hard to work ourselves out of a job. While some of our colleagues may disagree, the college application process is not brain surgery. Valuable resources are plentiful and easily accessible online. In helping students navigate the process, our intent is to equip families with the knowledge base that will allow them to effectively support siblings, family members and friends in their own college searches.


Are you a sophomore or even a freshman just beginning to think about college?  Or are you a senior wondering how you are going to get it all done?


Regardless, Craig College Counseling can provide the support you need to succesfully navigate the college application process.  Services are tailored to meet each student's specific needs.




See the list of colleges and universities where Bill's students have earned admission.


About Us


A graduate of the College of William and Mary, Bill Craig has over four decades of experience in schools in and around Richmond, Virginia, as a teacher, principal, and central office administrator.