Craig College Counseling provides a comprehensive catalog of services for students and familes in all stages of the college search and application process.  Services can be provided in person or remotely.



1.         Initial Consultation



Explanation of college counseling philosophy, available resources, and service  options.



2.           Prospective College List


           The product is a list of approximately ten colleges including reach, in range, and safety

           schools.   The list will be compiled after a 60 minute conference with  

           student.  Student will also complete   a pair of informal surveys which will be

           used to determine type of school that will provide the best fit  as well as

           identify career goals.


            Ancillary services:


             College Visit Planning-  Suggested college tour based on

             Prospective College List 


             SAT/ACT Testing Plan:  Testing dates will be identified and

             guidance  for preparation will be provided.



 3.          Common Application


              Can be completed anytime after August 1 prior to student’s senior year.

              Counselor will ensure that  the common application is completed and 

              ready for submission.   Additional fees will be charged for completion of

              individual school Common Application supplements. 



4.         Personal Statement


              Ideally completed during summer prior to senior year or early fall.  The

              student’s personal statement will be the product of  a brainstorming,   

              drafting, and editing process that will be completed in a minimum of three




5.      Application Calendar and Monitoring


               A calendar for completion of all application components will be drafted.

               Completion dates will be monitored by counselor to ensure that  applications

               are submitted prior to deadline.



6.      Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) Completion


               Completed after January 1 of senior year. Counselor will work with family to

               complete and submit FAFSA.



      Ancillary service:


                Financial Aid Statement interpretation


If you have additional questions, please contact us by completing our contact information form, or by calling 804 231-4044.